Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Vegan Rocker Girl’s Nacho Cheese

My Verdict: Yummy!

So, you probably can tell by now that I LOVE convenient, yummy foods. And this is absolutely a must if you’re like me. It was incredibly fast to make (about 4 minutes) and it’s an easy way to get your vitamin b-12 in! I had them with trader joe’s multigrain tortilla chips (yum!) and before I knew it, this is what happened…

I love vegan rocker girl’s blog! Not only because my hubby is also from wisconsin, but she really has awesome recipes and style! I highly recommend you check her out. This is the recipe for this amazing vegan nacho recipe:

Sweet-Spot Vegan Nachos
¼ cup Nutritional Yeast
¼ cup flour
1 cup water
2 tblsp. Earth Balance Vegan Buttery Spread
1 tsp. sea salt
1 tsp. garlic powder

1 tsp. cayenne pepper (I added this…it can be omitted it you’re not into spicy)
½ lime’s worth of juice (I added this too for more of a Mexicali flavor…it can also be omitted)
1 can of RoTel Diced Tomatoes and green chiles, drained or ½ cup of your favorite salsa)
Put nutritional yeast, flour, salt, garlic, and pepper in a saucepan. Add in water and stir constantly over medium heat until mixture becomes thick and bubbly. Remove from heat and add vegan butter. Stir until melted. Add tomatoes/salsa and lime juice and return to heat, stirring until tomatoes are warm.

Brought to you by Vegan Rocker Girl at

Thank you Rocker Girl! You ‘Rock’! (no pun intended) :) 

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