Monday, March 21, 2011

Pure Organic Bars

My Verdict: InSANE!!

Ok. Ok. Now, I normally don’t like ‘bars’ per say. As most tend to taste ‘processed’ to me. But, let me just say that when I went shopping at TJoes with my hubby, i actually was captivated by the packaging! I saw… ‘pure’… ‘organic’… ‘cocoa’.. ‘omega 3s’… ‘antioxidants’… Dang! They had me at cocoa! ;)

So we bought it.

And let me just tell you that it was sooo good. After one bite, I actually had to re-read the packaging to make sure there wasn’t anything ‘non-healthy’ in it. haha. But, there wasn’t. It really was ALL pure.

Run and get these! They are so good. And this one in particular tasted JUST like a brownie! woot, woot! :)

This is their site, in case you were wondering:

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