Monday, March 21, 2011

Daiya Cheese

My Verdict: Yummy!

Beyond yummy…It’s (so far) ‘Best in Show’ cheese at Vegan Verdict.
It melts, it tastes good on crackers, it can make a MEAN grilled cheese, and of course, its unbelievable on pizza.

So, yes… it made ‘Best in Show’ Cheese.

But let me preface… there are not a lot of good tasting veggie cheeses out there.

Its actually quite tricky to make vegan cheeses that taste good. You actually have to be careful as many veggie cheeses are made with casein (dairy product). Making a ‘vegan’ cheese is tough. Make a ‘vegan’ cheese that tastes good? Tougher…

So, Let that be a dare to all you vegan cheese companies. Go ahead and give me what you got. Can you beat Daiya?

What's YOUR verdict? Choose your reaction below...

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