Monday, March 21, 2011

Tony’s Darts Away in Burbank

My Verdict: InSANE!

That’s right! There’s a whole new verdict in the house. I had to create a new verdict just for sweet ol’ Tony’s because their food was beyond yummy…it was inSANE! A friend of mine at Yelp briefly mentioned this joint and when he said, ‘Vegan Brat’, needless to say, I was intrigued. My husband is from Wisconsin which is known for amazing brats. So, after hoaxing Luke to come with me for lunch to give a test… we arrived.

When we got there, we were greeted by an awesome bartender named Dave. Honestly, he was such a delight. So savvy of every possible beer out there and he knew exactly what our taste buds would love after a quick briefing with us. Ask for Dave, he’s awesome! :)

Luke had the Eel River Organic Amber. Totally awesome beer. It was smooth and had a fruity finish–not too wheaty. (i dont like wheaty beers) And of course, it went really well with the vegan kielbasa Luke had.

Ok. Their wine. Oh man, their wine. Eco-green peeps would go crazy for this wine. It’s 100% bottle- cork- and cardboard-free and pretty local: from Santa Barbara County. There wine are in kegs and it goes straight from the winery’s stainless steel tanks to these lovely quarter liter bottles. Great medium bodied wine with a clean finish. Loved it.

Luke had the Kielbasa and though it wasn’t as sweet as mine, it was so tangy and hearty. He actually thought it tasted better than the real thing! One point for the vegan team. Woohoo!

And mine, was the beer brat. I got it with creole ketchup, vegan aioli, grilled onions, and kraut. I kinda wish i videocammed my first bite impression cuz it was priceless. After that first bite, i paused, looked at luke, and we both went… Holy cow. That’s one amazing brat. :)

And these sweet potato fries were without a doubt THE BEST sweet potato fries I’ve ever had. The sprinkled almonds on top gave it a great crunchy touch. No doubt these had some type of illegal drug that kept us wanting more. haha. Just kidding. No, but seriously, so so good.

This is what was left of luke’s brat… notice not a crumb was left behind. Yeah. That’s a good sign.

And you gotta love that their togo boxes are made of recycled paper and not (like many restaurants have… styrofoam or plastic). Oh Tony, you know how to do it right!

Thanks so much Tony! You have made a true believer of luke and I and you’ll be sure to see us there again soon. (What time is it? I wonder if Tony’s deliver…)

Have you been to Tony's? What's YOUR Verdict?? Choose your reaction below...

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