Monday, March 21, 2011 Recipe Vegan Alfredo Pasta

My Verdict: Yucky!

As much as I love Happy Herbivore Recipes, I have to say… I was very disappointed in this particular recipe. Not sure what it was, but it sooo did not taste like the yummy alfredo I usually love. Maybe it was the tofu, maybe it was the wrong brand of nutritional yeast. I remember her saying once that she only likes Red Star’s Nutritional Yeast so that could very well be it. (I used Bragg’s)

What Im probably going to do is try this recipe one more time with Red Star yeast and if THAT doesn’t work, I’ll test another vegan alfredo recipe.

Major bummer cuz I definitely thought this was going to be a winner. It was simple to make and relatively quick.

Here’s to hoping Take 2 is a winner!

Have you tried this recipe?? What's your verdict? Choose your reaction below...

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