Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Trio Bars

My Verdict: Yummy!!

Ok. So. I normally don’t like packaged ‘bars’, but this one won my heart. I was going to the movies with my hubby and I wanted to get a treat to take with me. (As u may know, not alot of healthy treats at the concession stand…) So, I decided to look for (at the grocery store) for either a luna bar or a lara bar. And just as I go to reach a lara bar, right below it… “Oh, what’s this? Just 3 nuts, 3 fruits, 3 seeds? And it has sesame seeds? I LOVE sesame seeds!”

So, I bought it.

And it has easily become one of my favorite on-the-run treats! They taste sooo good and they’re not overly sweet.

I highly recommend you take one with you next time you go to the movies!

What's YOUR verdict?

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