Friday, April 1, 2011

Earth Cafe ‘Raw’ Cheesecakes

My Verdict: Yummy!

These EarthCafe cheesecakes are unbelievable.  I can’t even believe they are vegan AND raw cuz they taste so rich and delectable. Its mostly made of just cashews, fruit, coconut, and other yummy stuff.  It was so creamy and smooth and the crust was awesome. It reminded me of a nice pecan pie crust. Perfect for this cheesecake.  I got to try 5 of their flavors (courtesy of the kind & generous Earth Cafe) and here are my favorites in order of preference…

“Strawberry Fields Forever”

It was actually hard to decide between the blueberry and the strawberry.
Both were excellent. This one was a tad bit sweeter. I loved this one!! Sooo good. (not to mention i love that song! heehee)

“Find your Thrill on Blueberry Hill Cheesecake”

Both my hubby and i loved this one. This was actually Luke’s favorite.

“Cali Style Lemon”

The tanginess of the lemon was just right! I thought this was very refreshing. Though some people may think its plain, I like simple tastes like this.

“Rockin’ Rasberry”

I loved how this one had actual chunks of raspberry in the middle! Yum.

“Who’s Your Daddy Carob Mousse Pie

Though Im quite in love with Earth Cafe, I’d say this one was just ‘eh’.
But it could be because I’m not crazy about carob. But, then again…
Luke wasn’t crazy about this one either, so… 

Overall, Having cheesecake this good (and good-for-you) makes me wonder if even the famous Cheesecake factory has some serious competition on their hands! Uh-oh…watch out. :)
You can find these awesome cheesecakes at

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