Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Really Cool, Really Simple Vegan Diet Plan!

So, most of you that know me know that I'm pretty much always on the prowl for a great diet. Why can't i stop? Ahhhh. :) It's become like a hobby of mine. As an actress, its pretty much a prerequisite.

Since I love REALLY convenient vegan foods and I love a mapped out plan to follow, this is right up my alley and I may just follow it!

If any of you out there are looking to lose some weight (as i always am), then let me know if you wanna follow this plan with me! Eh? Eh??

Check it out. Let me know your thoughts on Amy's Vegan Diet Plan??

Ps: As with any diet plan, its always good to add some type of exercise plan. I'm planning to still incorporate my 5 days a week workout days of walking, yoga, or dancing.

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